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Cpa Marketing Companies – We have a brand name brand-new approach of promoting Max Bounty, CPA, marketing with Bing advertisements, and so this is going to be a brand new technique.

We ‘re going to be speaking about a brand new specific niche and the way we ‘re going to be promoting the specific niche is likewise brand name brand-new, therefore you haven ‘t seen this angle prior to ensure you see the whole video.
If you would like to know how to successfully promote max bounty cpa marketing offers with bing ads now before we get in the discussion, i simply want to let you know that on this channel we have daily videos where we speak about cpa marketing, affiliate marketing and generating income online subject, so if this is something that ‘s of interest to you ensure you subscribe click the alert bell, so that you are one of the first individuals that is informed when the new video drops and that way you can implement this brand new method right now, having said that, let ‘s get into the discussion now prior to we enter max bounty and deal selection.
I simply want to talk about what kind of deals we can promote and how does the total procedure works, therefore here i remain in kind of this primary affiliate marketing diagram and, as you can see, we have the visitor.

We have the traffic source, we have something called the buffer.
We have the affiliate uh network.
This is the network such as max bounty or clickbank.

We have the different verticals.
We have the sign of various stages that we might or might not be getting a commission.
We have the purchase and then we have the purchase event uh if we do that.

You wish to pay very close attention to this right here.
This is the traffic sources, therefore these top seven are the paid traffic sources, and these are free traffic sources and in this video we ‘re going to be utilizing bing ads now, naturally, these are not all the traffic sources there ‘s a great deal of other traffic sources, But for the function of this video we are going to be focusing on bing ads now, what kind of niches can you promote with bing advertisements? Constantly you have to be thinking about niches right, it ‘s never truly about a single deal.
A really excellent specific niche to promote is e-commerce, so you wish to pick e-commerce here and you wish to go into sub-categories and you wish to do consumer items and you ‘re going to be generally loaded packed with a list of deals.

Now this is truly not the best way of uh kind of browsing max bounty, just because max bounties is all over the location.
It ‘s not very organized.
So what you wish to do is you wish to type of clear this? You want to do all categories, and you want to type ecom here: okay and when you do that you ‘re going to have a list of pure ecommerce offers.

We have a list here of like 20 25 deals, and these are pure ecom offers.
And these are physical products, since if you generally do this, if you remove this and you enter into e-commerce and you do apply search options uh, you are going to see a lot of random offers like start a career today, that ‘s not e-commerce! Um! You know home depot is, is e-commerce, but this energy energy is not e-commerce right, so you ‘re gon na have an entire mess.
Shutter stock is not e-commerce, so you don ‘t wan na do so.

You wan na make certain you do ecom.
Okay, that ‘s one actually excellent specific niche! Another truly great specific niche that i really like to promote – and this is not one of the classifications here – is actually the vpn specific niche, fine therefore vpn.
If you type vpn here and you leave all of this, you choose united states since we ‘re going to be focusing on united states uses uh you ‘re visiting a lot of vpn provides that we can promote, and in this video we are going to be promoting Vpn now, if you ‘re not knowledgeable about what vpn is, vpn stands for virtual personal network and it ‘s actually a method to protect your communication, so when you ‘re out and about maybe you ‘re on your home, wi-fi or you ‘re in some coffee bar.

What a vpn does is that you have a safe and secure connection to another network and that network is linked to the web.

So it ‘s like it ‘s like a little buffer.
It ‘s like a little tunnel uh that basically connects you to the internet through this tunnel and this tunnel secures everything, and so you have a protected connection of the stun on this tunnel – has a secure connection to the web, which is uh different than let ‘s say, if You ‘re in some cafe, a random coffee bar and you have a you understand, a wi-fi connection, and possibly it ‘s not protected someone hacks it or it doesn ‘t have a really, really strong security functions.

They can generally obstruct your communication, which is something that you do not desire.

Another excellent factor for having a vpn is that you can basically use the web and make it appear that you are essentially browsing from another physical area.
Let ‘s say you ‘re in europe.

Perhaps you ‘re in spain at the moment and you want to go to the site and make it seem like you ‘re in the us.

Maybe you want to see netflix or some other service that only works in in the us.
Uh doesn ‘t operate in the nation you ‘re in or you wish to.

You understand search a CPA, marketing offer and you essentially want to make certain that uh.
They show you as though you ‘re from the us, because you ‘re going to be sending us traffic and you want to browse it as a us visitor and sadly you ‘re not in the us.
You can not evaluate it as one of the future us visitors, and so that is why vpn is actually great, so vpn isn ‘t just for customers, it ‘s only it ‘s also for affiliate online marketers such as you and me uh, since it allows us to basically see the offers of How the visitors are gon na see in the eyes of the visitors, so there ‘s a lot of a great deal of good things.

I utilize my own vpn and i highly advise uh to you men also, if you ‘re serious about affiliate cpa marketing to have a vpn.
It ‘s a very, really cool uh tool in your tool kit in your toolbox, so to speak, therefore anyway, getting back to this, you wish to look for a vpn.
You want to select united states.

I constantly like to begin with us traffic and then, if that works, i begin sending out more traffic and you want to click on, apply search choices and what you ‘re going to have a list you ‘re going to have a list of offers that you can generally run So you can do that, and now we have a list of deals that you can essentially run so we have nor insecure vpn.

You have hma vpn service worldwide and all of these uh deals will enable at least u.
s traffic, a few of them permit other other countries.

So we have us, canada, australia, the uk uh ios.
We have all of these random ones and they will all permit at least u.
s traffic.

And what we ‘re going to do is we ‘re going to develop a list of top x, vpn providers and we are going to market that on bing.
And so what we ‘re going to be doing is we are going to be generally producing a list of these vpn providers and we ‘re going to be sending out traffic uh to them utilizing bing and the website we ‘re going to be using.
This is a brand name new site.

I ‘ve! Never ever pointed out before the website is called telegraph and the way it ‘s spelled as the word telegraph other than the last uh ph, is the extension.
If you go to telegraph.
com you ‘re going to be providing this sort of the screen right here – and this is where you can create material, and so i ‘m going to reveal you how you need to develop material and after that i ‘m going to show you how you can Run traffic to it and the way you wish to do it is this is a lot much better than direct connecting because if you do it this way, you have a site.

You have a landing page, that ‘s really, really easy to produce without expensive tools or anything like that and it ‘s absolutely complimentary and so we ‘re going to go ahead and produce this landing page together.

And then i ‘m going to show you how to in fact put in the offers and how to promote it properly, therefore the title of this page is going to be something like leading 10 vpn can have.

If you ‘re uncertain about the title, you can basically go into google and google is going to help you out, so you essentially can go into google and i ‘m going to reveal you how this works.

Google is going to essentially produce recommendations for you that you can utilize in order to be better.
So, for instance, i can type leading 10 vpn providers like this of 2020.
This is best, so we have uk vpn service providers we ‘re going to do top 10 vpn services, even in the us in the us 2020.

So i like that better.
In my opinion, the more specific it is, the better it is, but you put on ‘t want to be too particular right.
You wish to write something like top 10 vpn services in New York City or something like this right or uh vpn services, for you understand, for specialists or something you put on ‘t requirement to go that deep.

You just need to go a bit deep, and so, when i have i, i generally went on and capitalized uh initially letter of each word and i capitalized this vpn and now we ‘re going to actually to write, compose the material.
Okay, and so you have.
You require an introduction.

Uh vpn represents virtual, something like this.
What you want to do is you want to produce a little paragraph simply to make it seem that this is a piece of informational material that you ‘re simply not going out and spamming.
Remember you want to include worth, you put on ‘t want to simply spam, and so what we ‘re going to do is in this list.

Okay and after that, we ‘re going to generally develop a list, so we have top 10 we ‘re going to do 10.
So what you wish to do is you wish to have one when we do that it basically capitalizes and you want to go back to max bounty and you want to click on the offer, therefore, for instance, here is an offer.
We can generally open this offer, therefore here i have the offer is open.

They enable search, which is perfect.
We can construct a tracking link, we ‘re going to do, browse, we ‘re going to do raw link and we are gon na basically copy this link.
They also, i think they give our banners and what we can do is we can basically uh.

We can save this banner, so we can i ‘m gon na download this.
I downloaded the image we are gon na, return to our landing page and we ‘re going to essentially publish this image by clicking on this image, and you can generally submit this image.

So this is the way you established your ads.
I really hope it worked to you, like i said during the video.
This is a fast method.

It works it ‘s a great approach, however if you want an advanced method, i suggest joining bluehost and producing your own mini website, and you can do that by clicking on the link in the description, which is an approach that i advise it ‘s a bit more of an advanced technique, however it ‘s for those that wish to take this level a couple of notches above and beyond what we talked about here, all best people! That ‘s it! Cpa Marketing Companies

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